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Imagine yourself walking along the deserted beach of golden sand while the sun sets across the translucent turquoise waters. You feel the cool breeze blow across your hair as the mist from the ocean gently sprinkles on your face. This is your beach, well at least for the moment, in the Caribbean.

If you are a person that likes to travel, then the Destinations page is a good place to start. This Travel Site is your global guide to the top caribbean travel sites on the Internet. We are now adding new links to other travel sites that specialize in unique destinations like, Dominica eco travel locations, all across the Caribbean.

The Travel Site contains information about exciting destinations where you can discover Caribbean culture, music, cuisines, crafts, art and history. There will also be special travel offers on this Web site and for those that join our e-mail list. Find great vacation deals, cruise packages and fantastic prices on accommodations. Your favorite travel destination awaits.

All inclusive resort deals in the Caribbean 2011-10-28
When you think of Caribbean travel then you will certainly think of finding a resort that is all inclusive. Many renowned resorts are located in the Caribbean. Once you book into the

Tried and tested Caribbean travel advice 2011-10-28
If you take into consideration the weather, prices that keep fluctuating and events that are special it will be far from easy trying to make a decision to go to the Caribbean region. To ensure some great savings bookings can be

Admire these 3 Vistas in the Dominican Republic 2011-10-20
From the Grand Pitons of St. Lucia to the deserted ruggedness of Aruba, Caribbean vacations come with some truly splendid vistas, and the Dominican Republ

4 Destinations for Couples Visting Jamaica 2011-10-20
As far as romantic Caribbean vacations go, Jamaica makes for a great romantic getaway. Jamaica offers visiting couples great weather, a varied landscape and

Buy a travel insurance policy – Get relaxation and peace of mind 2010-07-01
Buying a travel insurance policy before going on a trip is a smart move. To select a right travel insurance policy can be overwhelming when you

Saint Lucia Tourist Hotel Improvements 2010-03-11
Expecting a strong increase in visitor arrivals this year, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board is stressing improvements in its hotel sector from boutique properties to the larger traditional and all-inclusive resorts, new wedding venues, restaurants an

Wedding Ideas That Save Our Environment 2010-03-11
If you love our planet and want to save a tree or two, here are a few things that you can do to help our planet without sacrificing a beautiful wedding. Weddings have the potential to produce a lot of paper product waste from invitations to paper

Jamaican Music and Life 2010-03-02
Jamaican music is indeed something else. It takes its audience to the tropics, the island's sparkling waters, white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, warm climate and laid back life. At the same time, Jamaican music fills the soul

Jamaica's Good Times and Great Food 2010-03-02
If a zesty destination is what you want, you can never go wrong with Jamaica. It is full of fun and enticing entertainment venues everywhere you go. Whether you are in Kingston to have a taste of the grand Jamaican history, or per

Dominica social media networks for travellers 2010-03-01
Dominica, the Caribbean’s ‘Nature Island’, is utilising social media networks to interact with residents and visitors and introduce the island’s culture and attractions to potential travellers. A facebook group launch
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